Bluegrass Brave Megavalanche 2013

Bluegrass presenta il Brave Megavalanche limited edition 2013, fullface creato x celebrare la partnership tra Bluegrass e la più legendaria DH marathon del pianeta. Il casco è già disponibile in Italia al prezzo di 150,00 €.

Brave Megavalanche®
Unquestionably the best full face helmets

Strong and glorious
The purist design of the Brave only serve to show off the best technical wizardry on the market. If today, the Brave are the gold standard of composite fiberglass full face helmets, it is because they offer the best technical solutions for a demanding rider’s every need. Now available with the exclusive Megavalanche® graphic design.

V.I.D. composite construction
Our Research and Development team has designed its own IT software called Virtual Impact Data which enables us to test our helmets virtually even before building a 3D model. When we are ready to launch production of the first prototype we have already been able to fine tune the design and offer the best volume/weight/shock absorption capacity/rigidity/ventilation ratio possible. Our competitive edge is visible and even measurable. Our helmets are among the most resistant and lightweight – and we don’t even need to use carbon. This software also saves us a considerable amount of time and money which is why our helmets offer the best performance for the price on the market. The Brave are available in 3 shell sizes. The smallest is for XS and S, Medium for M, and the biggest for L and XL sizes. Compare that with other brands. 3 different shell sizes ensures that the exterior helmet volume is in proportion to your head size.

EPS Intelligent Fusion™ shell with integrated air channels
Brain protection should be a helmet’s primary mission. The EPS inner-shell was designed to dissipate the force of an impact and prevent the brain from hitting the skull in the event of an accident. It also has an integrated network of channels which circulates air from external intake vents around the inside of the helmet. Thanks to the Intelligent Fusion™ process, Bluegrass goes even further by using different densities of material depending on the characteristics of each model to improve the weight/volume ratio while optimising the shock absorption capacity.

Removable and washable lining
The internal lining, including the cheek pads, are fully removable and washable. The interior padding is vitally important for helmet comfort. We only use anti-allergenic fabric varying the thickness according to the position in the helmet.

MX-style visor with S.O.R.™ system
On most full face helmets, the visor and its central attachment system are in one piece. In the event of a head-on impact, the visor can force the head backwards risking serious damage to the cervical vertebrae. The Brave are fitted with our central Snap-Off- Release™ system which is an essential safety feature. In head-on impacts, the visor unclips from its central attachment preventing it from knocking the head backwards By enabling the visor to unclip from the central attachment system, the Snap-Off- Release™ helps prevent the visor from breaking. This can easily happen during falls when the visor and the front attachment are one piece. Tool-free angle adjustment. It is attached using aluminium screws on the side.

Easy to use with googles
Gives maximum field of vision. Moulded ribs on the shell help keep the goggle strap in place – we really have thought of everything. The helmet should be compatible with almost all goggles on the market. However, we do advise you to try on the helmet together with your goggles before purchase.

Chin guard with integrated Airflow_2_Chin™ air inflow vents
Professional riders who helped develop the Brave helmets insisted from the outset on how important it is to have air vents on the chin guard as good respiration is essential for highperformance. We listened and went on to create the most ventilated chin guard on the market. Its design was also dictated by our search to find the best ratio between maximal protection and minimum bulk.

No hearing loss
It has long been known that there is a strong link between hearing loss and the risk of accidents. But not all full face helmet designers take the problem as seriously as we do. We included it in the development specifications for our full face helmets along with criteria such as shock absorption capacity. Think about that when you are buying a full face helmet and don’t hesitate trying on several different models and brands. It is fundamental for safety to be able to hear well, even when you have pulled on your helmet.

Compatible with neck brace use
Many riders use a neck brace for added protection, but it may interfere with performance or even be dangerous if it is not compatible with the helmet. Our full face models are compatible with most available neck braces. However, we do advise you to try on the helmet and neck brace together before purchase.

Double-D buckle
One of the many advantages of this system is that the strap can be adjusted perfectly and won’t need to be retightened as is the case with an automatic buckle (also known as quick release buckles) By simply sliding the strap along you can either take off the helmet or just wear it loosely without having to undo the buckle.


Developed, tested and approved by the Bluegrass Factory Development Team together with our R&D dept.

· Winner of the 2010 Megavalanche Alpe d’Huez with Jérôme Clementz
· Winner of the 2011 Megavalanche Alpe d’Huez with Rémy Absalon
· Winner of the 2011 Megavalanche La Réunion with Rémy Absalon

2012 helmet’s choice of:
· Rémy Absalon FRA
· Tim Bentley RSA
· Guillaume Cauvin FRA
· Jérôme Clementz FRA
· Fabien Cousinié FRA
· Pauline Dieffenthaler FRA
· Tracey Hannah AUS
· Bernard Kerr UK
· Alex Lupato ITA
· Nicolas Quéré FRA
· Shanaze Reade UK


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