GT Welcomes Kenny Belaey

Il campione di trial Kenny Belaey ha firmato con la factory americana per il 2012. Per celebrare il suo arrivo nel roster, GT ha invitato Belaey negli Usa, esattamente a San Francisco. Ecco il video.

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GT Welcomes Kenny Belaey

2012 marks a special year for GT, as some of the most well decorated athletes from DH, Slopestyle to Trials join the roster. Kenny Belaey is no exception and he is looking to achieve some of his careers’ greatest milestones onboard a GT.

To celebrate his addition to the roster, Kenny was invited to spend a week in Sunny-San Francisco (as opposed to cold-Belgium), to show his well roundedness as an athlete and a showman. During this time, he spent the week training for the up coming World Cup Season, performing an NBA half-time show and taking in what the local riding scene and the unique landscape had to offer.

Photo: Cameron Baird


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