iXS Morewood Factory Team

Svelato quasi del tutto il roster dell’iXS Morewood Factory Team. La qualità delle bici sud africane combinata conl’innovazione del marchio svizzero iXS Sport Division per creare un gravity team internazionale con sede negli Stati Uniti.

Nel roster, per la prossima stagione ci saranno: Jacqueline Harmony che prenderà parte agli appuntamenti internazionali di downhill, dual slalom ed enduro. Dante Harmony per il downhill e l’enduro. Mikey Haderer che correrà anche il four cross. Grande attesa per conoscere il nome di Mister X, che sarà impegnato in tutte le discipline gravity della prossima stagione, in particolar modo nel downhill.

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2012 iXS Morewood Factory Team

Unique Sports Co.
Central Point, Oregon

Unique Sports Co. has combined the handmade quality of South Africa’s Morewood Bikes and the protective innovations of Switzerland’s iXS Sports Division to create an International gravity team of US based Pros. It is our pleasure to introduce the 2012 roster…well, most of it.

Jacqueline Harmony – DH, DS, Enduro
Dante Harmony – DH, Enduro
Mikey Haderer – DH, DS, 4x, General Mayhem
Mr. X – DH, DS, 4x, Enduro

Lance Tueller – Team Manger
Japheth Myers – Team Coordinator
Scott Punt – Expo Coordinator
Ben Weaver – Expo Mechanic East
Matt Wyatt – Expo Mechanic West
Cody Cocas – Expo Mechanic Rockies

Jacqueline Harmony – “I am so thrilled to be a part of a team, where I will be able to travel with Dante and the team to some of the best races in the U.S. and Canada. I can’t wait to try out the new bike and all the new gear for 2012.”

Dante Harmony – “This year is going to be amazing with Team Harmony joining forces with Mikey Haderer on some of the best equipment out there. I am also super pumped to be focusing more on the booming sport of enduro racing.”

Mikey Haderer – “I am really excited to be working with such core brands going into 2012. Morewood had such a great standard of quality and dedication to racing that it was the perfect step for me to move forward with my racing and filming endeavors. I couldn’t be more stoked to have been asked to be a part of this program.”

Mr. X – “…”

The team is rocking iXS for protection, clothing, helmets, and gloves.
The Makulu bikes are being built with the finest components from VP Components, MRP, Deity, Grammo, Cane Creek, ENVE, and more. The 4x and Enduro bikes will add the White Bros. Loop fork up front.

Be sure to check out the Solar Sense powered team set-up at races all over North America. The team pit will provide neutral support for VP and MRP riders.

The iXS Morewood factory team will develop product for VP, Grammo, and others.

Jackie and the boys will be running several pedals from VP like the 308g VP-69 with a Ti spindle (Spindle not pictured). They will help to develop and refine products for several companies.

New sponsors, product developments, team builds, and event reports will be posted to and

See you at the races!

Il team correrà la stagione 2012 con la Morewood Makulu equipaggiata con il Cane Creek Double Barrel. Per le gare di enduro è stata invece scelta la Morewood Sukuma.

I rider indosseranno tutta la gamma 2012 di iXS, le bici saranno montate con componentistica VP Components.

Altri partner del team saranno MRP, Deity, Grammo, Cane Creek ed ENVE. Per l’enduro ed il four cross è stata scelta White Bros come forcella da gara.


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