Magura TS 2012

Nuovo design e nuove soluzioni per la linea di forcelle Magura TS. Sviluppate attraverso la tecnologia SLE (Stiffer, Lighter, Easier) le nuove forcelle Magura TS sono disponibili per 26 pollici, 29 pollici e per le 650B (27.5″).

Per le 26″ le escursioni a disposizione variano dagli 80mm sino ai 150mm mentre per le 29er e le 650B dagli 80mm ai 120mm. Tutti i modelli garantiscono un’ottima rigidità grazie al perno passante M15 o QR15 (per le 26″ è disponibile anche lo sgancio rapido da 9mm). Due le colorazioni: nero e bianco. Saranno disponibili a partire da maggio 2012. Sotto il comunicato stampa.

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The right fork for every wheel
The new MAGURA TS suspension fork series

MAGURA has completely revised its suspension fork range. Now featuring new design and new internals. The new forks answer to the name of MAGURA TS
(Team Suspension). Whether it’s a 26″, 29″ or 650B/27.5″ for the latest trend – this season MAGURA offers a matching model for every wheel diameter and a wide range of applications.

Mountain bikes with large diameter wheels are in – they promise a smooth ride at high speed. But to make the most out of their potential you need to have a matching fork. That is why the component specialist MAGURA has expanded its product range for 2012 to cater for the new 29″ and 650B/27.5″ trends in mountain biking. The product range also includes new models for 26″ wheels with 80 to 150 millimetres of travel for
cross country, marathon and all mountain.

No compromise: MAGURA 29″ suspension fork with M15 thru-axle
The new 29″ forks are available with a travel of 80 up to 120 mm. Their design is engineered without compromise for high stiffness. The ultra-stable DAD arch (Double Arch Design) and the new MAGURA M15 thru-axles make a major contribution here. The steer tube options offered by MAGURA are the standard 1 1/8″ and a tapered version. The tapered steer tubes can fit very short head tubes on small 29″ frames.

MAGURA suspension forks for 650B/27.5″
MAGURA also has suspension forks to match the new trend in 650B/27.5″ wheels with a travel of 120 to 150 millimetres. They are compatible with almost all 650B/27.5″ tyres currently available on the market. The fork-design is weight-optimised.
DAD (Double Arch Design) and QR15 thru-axles ensure high stiffness.

The MAGURA suspension fork series
All TS forks have been developed based on the SLE concept (Stiffer, Lighter, Easier). This means optimum stiffness at the lowest possible weight, extremely low maintenance, and a easy set up. With the Fork Master Concept (FMC) it is possible to manufacture forks with a sensitive response where special bushings, seals and surfaces work together with the Fork Master Grease (FMG) to deliver an exceptional ride. The forks feature progressive suspension characteristics that prevent over-response even in steep terrain. The TS8 R 150 is offered as a fixed travel version or with the LS (Lift Select) system.

M15 thru-axles with integrated tool
The new MAGURA M15 thru-axles have been especially developed for MAGURA 29″ suspension forks. A special feature is the self-retaining thread that makes additional locking of the thru-axle unnecessary. Simply tighten the axle and the wheel is safely secured. The MAGURA Tool for Torx T25 bolts is concealed inside the thru-axle, so you have always got the tool for tightening the axle with you. At the same time it protects the thread against contamination. The tool can also be used on the most bolts of MAGURA MT hydraulic
disc brakes and HS rim brakes. You can use them for changing brake pads or adjusting the lever settings, for example. This system of axle and integrated tool weighs only
58 grams.

Perfect fit between discs and 29″ or 650B/27.5″ wheels
29″ and 650B/27.5″ suspension forks are supplied exclusively with the PM7 disc brake mount for discs with a diameter of 180 millimetres and upwards. Large wheels also need large discs to ensure performance and durability.

Protection Caps
An intuitive feature are the Protection Caps at the lower end of the forks. They prevent damage to the drop outs and rebound dial while the wheel is removed. These are fitted to all MAGURA forks with thru-axles.

About MAGURA (Gustav Magenwirth GmbH & Co. KG)
With its headquarters in Bad Urach/ Germany, the MUNZ-MAGENWIRTH Group has four business sectors operating at international level: bicycle components, power sports, controls and injection moulding. MAGURA is a pioneer in producing bicycle and motorcycle components and has a worldwide monopoly on hydraulic brakes for bicycle wheel rims. The company is backed by a tradition of more than 100 years of competence in hydraulics and materials. In addition to brakes and suspension forks for bicycles, the company develops and manufactures industrial controls and injection moulding components. The name MAGURA (founded 1893) stands for the name of the founder – Gustav Magenwirth – and the name of the town in which the company is based – Bad Urach.

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